The Nature

How about some stories of air, earth and water? They’re kinda important. I pointed to a small bird yesterday and asked my wife, “What do you think his carbon footprint is?”. Then I thought about ants and flowers, weeds and weasels—many living things of air, earth and water, not excluding bacteria and viruses. Then we walked past an idling Chevy Suburban in a parking lot. A fat man in the driver’s seat was reading a magazine with the windows up in air conditioning, and then I remembered humans have been timid little killers since the dawn of the age of agriculture. Tomes of Judeo-Christian bullshit tales told to justify touching down at Heathrow in Airbus superjumbos farting hot dogs and cheeseburgers. Look at all the man sights to see! Tonight’s star attraction—man! History, science, poetry, black Chevy Suburbans with magazines about all things man, great and boring.

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