The Art Critic Part II

What a week! I shall present the following brief paragraph highlighting the events of January 6. Then back to the work of art and the (non)striving for eternity in the present moment: On January 6, thousands of uptight imbeciles came to a rally in Washington D.C., where hundreds broke off to violently storm the Capitol building. A police officer got killed, some lady got shot in the neck, some dude tasered himself to death, and everyone inside committed sedition against the United States. A Republican U.S. President, several Senators, and many Congresspeople inspired the sedition after weeks of spouting social media lies about election fraud. The President will be impeached on Wednesday (hurry up), while the political fate of the conspiring Senators and Congresspeople have yet to be determined. Flogging would be cool, but I realize that delusional philosopher artists rarely get what they desire, (and always what they deserve). Either way, it don’t look so peaches and cream for the fibbing lawmakers(breakers). I look forward to their pretend scowls and trembling inner turmoil.

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