Florida Paintings

The Tree of Cities 2017. Acrylic on composite board, 12 x 16" A few years ago, I took a late winter drive down to Florida with a friend, Eric. My mother was staying with her brother in Plantation (about 5 miles west of Fort Lauderdale), and Eric left me to spend time with her by the poolside. I would meet up with him on the west coast later in the week for our trip back north. I packed a box of paints, brushes and 8 composite panels. A painting a day to while away the long afternoons before dinner. Then I’d cook to pay my keep and play gin with my mother on the patio. Afterwards, I would roll out my sleeping bag on the patio floor, insisting that I sleep “outside” so I could smell the warm night breeze. I needed a temporary out of a brutal Upstate NY winter.

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